Active Directory Cloning

Building a test environment is crucial

Without a test environment, changes rolled into production can have a detrimental effect on the production environment. With SecFrame’s AD-Clone service a clone of a production Active Directory domain is completed a few clicks. Active directory test environment

Key items gained with AD-Clone:

  • Development of any tools and see how they act in your environment
  • Testing against production like AD environment

Permissions required for this service:

  • No need for a privileged account on the source domain
  • Read Only domain user account. In many environments, this is often a standard domain user account

    Passwords are not copied across environments

Permissions Required On the Target/Testing domain:

  • A domain administrator account.

    Full domain administration is needed because you are building a complete new structure: copies of the OUs, users, groups. You are creating a new domain.

With this service you get a method to repeat copy a production domain into a test domain

  1. You provide access to the empty target domain
  2. I connect the domains and prepare them for cloning
  3. Choose object types to copy
  4. Sit back and let the the process work

Once completed you will have a functioning test environment.

Use CasesDescription
Sales POCsPerform POCs for a customer on a copy of their live environment. No need to change a target customer’s production environment. No need to wait for change controls to deploy your software.
Dev/OpsRun through full code development lifecycle in a prerelease environment before rolling into production.Make changes to large batches of users and groups without fear of affecting end users
Architecture and EngineeringTest every idea you have. Deploy changes and find issues before the change control process.
SDLC TestingThis service is perfect for any ITIL or organization that follows an SDLC. Organizations large or small.