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Common breaches to AWS can often be averted with the implementation of security controls. In an effort to start your AWS journey, I’ve put together a number of links and guides to help you implement security into your AWS environment at the start.


Must reads before you start:

  1. The quickest security overview you can get: AWS Security Pillar Webpage
  2. Full Security Pillar whitepaper provided by AWS WellArchitected Team. This is what the 5 pillars is all about - AWS LINK
  3. AWS Security Best Practices whitepaper
  4. AWS Security Documentation

Suggested Reads:

  1. Aligning AWS Cloud to the Nist Cybersecurity Framework Whitepaper
  2. https://github.com/mykter/aws-security-cert-service-notes
  3. Free Kindle Books list: AWS WebStore
  4. Read this first for an overview of how to begin to design an AWS architecture that is excellent, secure, reliable, efficient, and optimized: AWS WellArchitected PDF

Five Security Pillars: