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Active Directory Breach Remediation When third parties exploit AD, they have the keys to the rest of your environment . With SecFrame Breach Remediation, you take those keys back.

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Why Attackers go after Active Directory?

Used by 95% of the Fortune 1000 companies, Active Directory is the most used LDAP service in the world. It is used by every part of the U.S. Federal Government. attacking built in groups of active directory

By viewing and understanding Active Directory, attackers can map of an entire network. This map helps an attacker decide where he or she wants to attack. The attacker can decide how to jump through to your data and systems.

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Get systems back online quickly with a well designed plan delegate control to active directory powershell

Who needs an Active Directory Breach Remediation Game Plan?

Whether you…

  • Experienced a breach in the past.
  • Are experiencing an active breach at this very moment
  • Need guidance to understand AD privileges
  • Want to remove any privileged credential exposure